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Client Contract


The Company’ is defined as HappiTails Home and Pet sitting Services.

The Client’ is defined as the person requesting the company whether verbally or in writing to provide a service.

The Sitter’ is defined as the person or persons chosen by the company to provide the service requested.

1. General

  1. Any request by The Client for The Company to provide any of our services, whether verbal or in writing, constitutes acceptance of these Terms and Conditions of Business, inclusive of the associated charges. Any alterations to these Terms and Conditions of Business must be in writing and signed by both The Client and a representative of The Company.
  2. The Company agrees to provide a Sitter as specified in literature. The Client has the opportunity prior to the sit to confirm suitability.
  3. As well as completing a full questionnaire as to the care of their home and pets, The Client will leave comprehensive written instructions, as to the care of their home and pets for The Sitter. This will include emergency numbers.

2. Cancellation

  1. Notification of cancellation must be in writing to The Company and the following charges will apply:
    • Four weeks notice and over: The Company will refund 20% of the deposit paid.
    • 27 days notice or less: The Company will refund no monies.

3. Expenses

  1. The Sitter will notify The Client of any additional mileage occurred whilst carrying out duties associated with the booking, such as visits to the Veterinary Practice.
  2. The Sitter will pay for travelling expenses, except in cases where The Client wishes The Sitter to visit them more than once, in which case The Client will pay for the extra visits.
  3. The Sitter will provide his/her own food whilst undertaking a sitting booking.
  4. Incidental expenses, such as extra food supply for your pet(s), should be settled on completion of the booking.
  5. Bed Linen will be provided by The Client, and The Sitter will have laundered this, or be in the process of laundering this when The Client returns home.
  6. All inoculations for your pets must be up to date, to cover your period of absence. Also as of 2010 sitters have to get the client to fill a Vets form to cover the sitters visit to the vets while they are away.
  7. If necessary, we reserve the right to take any animal to your veterinary practice. You are required to ensure your Veterinary Practice can invoice you directly upon your return for any service they provide in your absence. All animals cared for by The Company MUST be registered with a Veterinary Practice.

4. The Sitters

  1. The Company takes great care in selecting suitable and responsible Sitters. However, The Company cannot accept any responsibility for the acts and omissions of any Sitter or for any loss or damage caused or contributed by The Sitter, save as required by statute. NOTE: All sitters have public and third party liability cover through Cliverton Insurance.
  2. The Client is responsible for paying The Sitter’s remuneration on completion of the contract, immediately on return of The Client. The Company will inform The Client of this sum in a quotation sent prior to The Client’s departure.
  3. The Sitter will be provided with a 24-hour help line number for assistance in an emergency.
  4. The Sitter will not leave your property unoccupied for more than 4 consecutive hours, during daylight and will not leave your property during the hours of darkness.
  5. The Sitter requires you, The Client to provide cooking, sleeping and heating facilities to a normal standard of comfort and cleanliness. The Sitter reserves the right to refuse a booking if the facilities fail to meet the required standard. In such circumstances, The Company reserves the right to cancel the booking, refunding The Client in full.
  6. The Client must not engage a Company Sitter, other than through The Company office, whether paid or unpaid, within twenty-four months of them fulfilling a booking for The Client. Any breach of this condition will result in The Client being liable for loss of business and all expenses incurred to The Company as a result of this action.
  7. Where The Sitter is required to drive The Client’s vehicle, The Client is responsible for providing adequate insurance cover for The Sitter and should supply an insurance cover note to this effect.

5. Insurance

  1. The services The Company offers are all covered by Public products & employers liability. The Company insurer Cliverton requires that The Client arranges with their household insurer to extend their policy to cover any losses incurred whilst there is The Company’s Sitter present. The above insurance’s are only in operation whilst The Sitter is on an assignment booked by The Company.
  2. The Company cannot accept any responsibility for loss or damage if not fully advised by The Client of any behavioural trait or illness that could result in damage or injury to a third party.
  3. The Company is registered under the Data Protection Act (Registration Number PZ 7670620 ) and thus undertakes to treat all information accordingly.
  4. The Company has very high standards and makes every effort to ensure The Client’s pets are well cared for during the time The Sitter is working. However, The Company cannot be liable for any loss, injury or death.