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Welcome to HappiTails

Relax whilst you are away and return to happy pets and a tidy home.

We are a professional family owned Home and Pet Sitting company. Our mature and experienced Sitters will look after your home and animals 24 hours a day whilst you are away on business or vacation.

All our Sitters are professional people who are fully vetted, police checked and insured, serving a 30 mile radius of Cambridge.

Our Sitters are provided with ID cards.

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About HappiTails

HappiTails Home-sitting Services was set up in 1998 by Jill and Eric to provide a professional, Cambridge-based home and pet sitting service. Both Jill and Eric have had extensive experience in caring for animals.  Jill was a breeder of Schnauzer dogs and has been involved in pet rescue services over a 30 year period.

HappiTails have a dedicated team of home and pet sitters, who have the same responsible and caring attitude as Jill and Eric. They have all been interviewed personally and have been selected for the following qualities; love of animals, experience with animals, common-sense and trustworthiness.

HappiTails are proud of the unique service they offer, taking the stress and worry out of spells away from home, for whatever reason (holidays, business trips, hospital stays). Your home is secure and your pets are happy whilst you are away.

We are always looking for more staff for sitters around a 30 mile radius of Cambridge.

Why HappiTails

We believe our sitters are very special people indeed. Only a small percentage makes it through our rigorous selection process to join our dedicated team. The first stage is a telephone interview, if the applicant passes this stage they are invited for a personal interview with both Jill and Eric. If considered suitable, the candidates are thoroughly investigated and police checked and three references are obtained regarding their suitability from personal and professional referees.

As mentioned before, our sitters are specially chosen for their common sense, but should support be needed, all of our sitters are provided with a 24 hour emergency help line.

On completion of a police check, a certificate is issued and this will be available for you to read.

All HappiTails sitters carry an identification card with photograph.

Should a sitter be taken ill during your booking or have to leave due to a personal emergency, then an alternative sitter will arrive at your home and be fully briefed by the original sitter.

HappiTails and sitters are covered by public and third party liability insurance through Cliverton.

£36.00 per day, plus £2.00 per animal per day.

There will be a one off charge of £25 to cover mileage with each booking.

Quotation:  After an initial enquiry Eric will send the client a quotation for the sit.  Once the client has agreed the cost, Happitails will request an agency fee to secure the booking.

Client confidentiality is very important to HappiTails and all details you provide us with are held under the data protection number: (Z7670620 ).  We do not divulge any information to a third party.

Unless otherwise agreed with yourselves, the Sitter will not leave your property for more than 4 daylight hours.

If it is necessary, we will take your pets to the vet practice or arrange a home visit.

If your return is delayed, the Sitter will stay until your return, unless they are required at another booking, in which case alternative arrangements will be made by Jill and Eric

A Few Words from a Few Customers

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