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HappiTails Booking

There are a few steps to the booking procedure at HappiTails, so we’ve outlined a step by step guide explaining what we will need and what you will need.

Please read carefully and ensure you complete all the necessary documentation that will be emailed to you once you’ve completed the booking form, you can also find the relevant forms HERE.

If required we will always endeavour to keep the same sitter for all your requirements.

  • Please complete our online booking form, ensuring to thoroughly read through our Client Contract.

  • Once you have completed the form you will receive an email containing all the necessary documentation. Please fill out the forms and send them back as soon as possible so we can move the process along quicker.

  • We will get in touch with you once we have received the booking request and required forms fully completed and match you with one of our professional sitters. At this stage we will discuss the sitters background and experience with you.

  • The sitter will then make an appointment to meet you and your pets in the home environment. If after this meeting both you and the sitter are satisfied all parties involved will sign a contract.

  • Once the contract has been signed, a deposit is required to be sent to HappiTails and then the sitter is booked. The remaining money due is paid directly to your sitter on your return.

The HappiTails Online Booking Form

Booking form